Research and Vision


Livestock Proof Living Fence

2017 Vermont Grass Farmers Association Mini-Grant

Installed in Spring 2017;  200';  Black Locust;  9" on center,  12" between rows.  We planted a hedge at a friend and client's in Moretown in a previous year - same species, same spacing - and it grew more than 6 feet in places over its first season!  Our goal is to eventually lay and maintain this hedge in the Midland Style, and test its ability to contain the resident cattle that move through on daily rotations at the Hochschild Family Farm in Plainfield, VT.  We presented on this planting and grant, as well as the general history and uses of hedges at the 2018 VT Grass Farmers Association and Beef Producers Association Conference.


Seakale Broccolis.jpg
sea kale planting.jpg

Sea Kale (Crambe Maritima): Commercial Opportunities for new perennial crops and climate smart agriculture

2018 SARE Grant - 3 year study

Recently approved - updates coming soon!  A three year project including:  multiple sites / plantings and growing methods, pollinator research, best management practices exploration, chef and food entrepreneur tasting and cooking, producing a commercial growers guide, producer site / crop visits, and more.