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Permaculture and Community Agriculture (Youth Class)

How can landowners who want to grow food manage their land to be ecologically sustainable? How can we produce food through the seasons in a state with such varied weather? How can small farms be economically viable? We’ll learn to map a property and create a plan for how to grow diverse food crops. Get your hands dirty with fellow students who love food and want to explore all sides of an apple pie. Meet local farmers and activists while gaining hands-on skills doing valuable community-service projects.

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$200 / EarthWalk VT, Plainfield and Barre, VT


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to Apr 8

Edible Forest Gardens (Youth Class)

Edible Forest Gardening isn’t necessarily gardening in the forest - it’s gardening like the forest: multiple horizons (ground cover, herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, vines), minimizing soil disturbance, mixing annual and perennial species, providing a diversity of products for human and non-human communities.  How we can we use these principles to design and intentionally integrate elements of a garden in a way that encourages them to support one another, while providing abundant food, medicine, fuel and other needs for our human and greater ecological communities?  In this weekend long intensive we will explore and design edible forest gardens for our temperate northern climate here in Vermont!

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$50 / EarthWalk VT, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

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Fruit Tree Pruning (Youth Class)

Plums, Cherries, Pears, Apples, even Peaches!  Come to learn about and try your hand at the practices and principles of pruning trees - with a particular focus on Fruit Trees!   Pruning can restore vigor to an old tree or orchard, intentionally direct growth on a younger tree, and improve flowering, fruiting, and the resiliency of trees over time.  The day will be divided between time in the classroom, and time in the field. We’ll bring the tools, you bring your warm winter gear, a bagged lunch, and your love for the plant world!

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$25 / EarthWalk VT, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

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